Thermal Expansion Tank Insulation Covers

Our Thermal Tank Insulation is designed for 2.1 gallon Water Heater Thermal Expansion Tanks installed in areas subject to freezing temperatures.


Fulfilling a Requirement

Our Solution

Code Required Protection

According to North Carolina Plumbing Code, "thermal expansion tanks are required to be insulated where subjected to freezing temperatures in unconditioned spaces." With a certified R-Value of 8.1, our patented BASF Neopor F2400 insulation solution easily meets those requirements to prevent the damage that can result from freezing.

Simple Installation

Designed for easy installation, our patented pre-molded forms can be easily applied to standard 2.1 gallon expansion tanks. With an installation time of under two minutes, the simplicity of installation can save time and labor costs during tank assembly or retrofitting. All needed safety and inspection labeling is in clear view, and easy access to the air valve and tank body for inspection is maintained.

Safety First

In addition to preventing the damage that can occur from a frozen expansion tank, our foam insulation is flame retardant, helping minimize the spread and damage of a fire. Our insulation exhibits excellent durability, with resistance to wear, tear, and degradation over time. It can withstand various environmental conditions, such as temperature fluctuations, moisture exposure, and mechanical stress, ensuring long-lasting insulation performance.

For Your Next Project

Our thermal expansion tank insulation is compact and lightweight, allowing for efficient use of space. It can be applied directly to the tank's surface without adding significant bulk, making it suitable for installations where space is limited. Cost effective, easy to install, and safe, experience the benefits when you use it for your next water heater installation. Contact us today to find out more!

Installation is Quick and Easy

Box will have instructions, two insulation shell halves, and three white adhesive labels. Simply unbox the insulation, place the two halves on either side of the expansion tank, and secure with the adhesive labels. Click below for the instruction sheet.


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